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Unlike the usual scheduled Nile launch cruises always engaged in by travelers on safaris in Uganda, the Private boat to the Delta Area presents a rather different experience that is worth exploring.

Popular among the birders on Uganda birding safaris and tours, the Private boat to the Delta Area is done early in the morning starting at 7am and late evening at the sunset.

The Delta Area where the Victoria Nile approaches the adult stage towards Lake Albert is a re-known home the famous Shoebill stork – a vulnerable and rare bird species among the top list of what to explore while planning birding safaris to Uganda. Besides the shoebill stork, the Delta area also features a count of other bird species such as Herons, Eagles and Kingfishers.

The sights are much better on this serene boat with a close reach to the aquatics like the Nile crocodiles and Hippos while the amazing wild game are viewed drinking on the river side including the members of the Big five namely; Buffaloes and Elephants, other animals like Rothschild Giraffes and a range of antelopes in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda such as Kobs, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Defassa waterbuck among others which combine to offer a rewarding Uganda Safari tour experience.

One can choose to undertake a return boat ride from Paraa jetty or go one way and connect with the Driver guide in the Delta Area to proceed with the game drive experience. Self Drive Car Hire Rentals in Uganda are also available upon reservation.  An advance reservation of the boat is required and Prime Uganda Safaris and tours can ably assist with the booking.