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It was mentioned that some Cabinet ministers and officials from the office of Finance are contrasting to the renovation of the airline which is a great  discouragement to the tourism sector in Uganda because its the only transport means that bring in tourists and this means that the number of tourists who come to uganda will remain low hence less tours in Uganda. Mutagamba said she was questioned whether there are tourists who get stuck because their no airlines and she truly failed to answer she says. This thinking therefore makes the tourism sector lag behind which also upsets the tourism promotion and visits in Uganda. 

The Uganda Airlines were shut down some time back due to enormous liabilities the government could not provide hence limiting the number of Uganda tours due to poor transport facilities, therefore the government was carrying out a conference concerning the renovating of Uganda Airlines so as to increase safaris to Uganda

 In a meeting the Minister for Transport said that they were consulting their friends about their assistance to renovate Uganda Airlines so as to promote Uganda safaris. He also said the Cabinet paper contains a plan of how the expected airline will appear like. This will provide better transport facilities hence promoting more tours to Uganda.

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