From the pods of lazy Hippos that float on the majestic waters of Kazinga Channel to hungry vultures perching on shady trees waiting for the perfect moment to fall on their prey, Queen Elizabeth National Park is indeed a medley of wonders.

The first and the third largest land mammals namely Elephants and Hippos respectively and the world’s second largest reptile – the Nile crocodile can possibly be explored on a thrilling boat cruise along the 45km long Kazinga Channel while on a wildlife safari in Uganda.

Having held the mantle as Uganda’s most visited park for the past years before giving way to Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park mesmerizes its visitors with its range of 606 bird species that make it the number one in East Africa in terms of bird count thus putting it at the center of birding safaris in Uganda. Sights of vulture species such as Palm-nut, Lappet-faced and African White-backed, Eagle species such as Grey Kestrel, Martial and Long-crested, Plovers such as Senegal, African Wattled and Crowned, Kingfishers such as Grey-headed, Pygmy and Malachite among others make the birding experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park memorable.

The park’s extensive savannah stretches present remarkable endless views dotted with myriad of wild game comprising of both predators and the grazers.  The four of the Big five thrive in the park namely; Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes and Leopards along with other wild game including Spotted Hyena, side stripped jackal, the Defassa Waterbucks, Topis, and Uganda Kobs among others which make the Uganda tour game drives in the park very fascinating.

The scenic places cannot skip mention while talking about Queen Elizabeth National Park as a medley of wonders. The famous Katwe Explosion Crater with its series of crater lakes, the 100m deep Kyambura gorge with a lush tropical forest supporting counts of Chimpanzees, the Uganda Equator crossing, Kazinga Channel joining Lakes George and Edward and the overlooking Rwenzori Mountains dubbed the legendary Mountains of the moon (5,109m) with snow-capped peaks present great picturesque opportunities and lasting sightseeing memories for the travelers on Uganda Safaris and Tours.

Its southern sector of Ishasha is home to the famous tree climbing lions that tend to lie on the branches of fig trees in the mid-morning sun generating a perfect journey break while transferring to or from the Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.