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red-faced-barbet-uganda-safaris-uganda-safari-toursRed faced Barbet also known as Lybius rubrifacies is one of the notable bird species always sought after by travelers on birding safaris in Uganda.

Belonging to the family Lybiidae, the Red-faced Barbet lives in dry and moist savannah habitat along with Arable land and the Uganda Safari tour destination of Lake Mburo National Park is noted to be the only habitat in Uganda where this bird species is known to thrive. Other places include; the Rwanda Safari destination of Akagera National Park, North West of Tanzania and Burundi.
It is recorded among the smaller Lybius species stretching to 17cm in length marked with red coloring on the face side while the dorsal head side features black color.  The Red-faced Barbet has yellow wings along with black body as viewed on Uganda birding safaris and tours. The Red-faced Barbet is monomorphic where both male and female are similar in terms of size and behavior.

Red Faced Barbets live in groups of five (5) and above and consume primarily on berries, seeds, insects and figs. Their breeding happens in the months February, March and October.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the Red-faced barbet as near threatened on its red list. Its population continues to reduce due to habitat loss including the degazzettement of a section of Akagera National Park that caused a drastic decline of their populations during 1990s.