gorilla permits in mayTourists have got a chance to enjoy their most liked activity that is gorilla tracking as many times as possible while on a safari in Uganda since the prices for the Gorilla permits have been reduced. This is unbelievable since this activity has to cost much money because of the happiness it brings to tourists. This has therefore promoted more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

The Foreign Non- residents are to pay $350, Foreign Residents are to pay $250 and Ugandans are to pay 100000UGX. These are the new discounted gorilla permit rates. This has therefore promoted more gorilla tours in Uganda since the tourists enjoy this expensive activity at cheap rates.

The gorillas at times cross boarders and go to other countries, they face problems of poaching, diseases and habitat loss. However these problems have been solved so as to increase their number in the National parks and also promote more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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