rwanda safari toursThe Rwanda Revenue Authority registered an increase in the revenues collected according to the previous years. This will therefore help improve the different sectors in Rwanda like tourism due to more investments. This will therefore boost the sectors like tourism hence attracting more tourists to come for safaris in Rwanda hence increasing Rwanda’s foreign exchange earnings.

The taxes collected will help improve the infrastructures of Rwanda such as the roads, hotels, hospitals, schools and so many others so as to increase more safaris to Rwanda. The infrastructures will help provide comfortable journeys and nice facilities to tourists on their Rwanda safaris therefore make Rwanda a tourism destination hence attracting more tourists to safari Rwanda.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority is working hard for further increase in the revenues earned in Rwanda so as to meet the goals of the fiscal year. This will therefore further increase the revenues and this will help increase the investments in all sectors of Rwanda hence attracting more investors inform of tourists to come for Rwanda safaris hence boosting the tourism sector of Rwanda.

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