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gorilla permitsThe tour operators in Uganda have always wanted to have a chance to access the gorilla safari permits. They have finally been given happiness after the tourism minister Mrs Mutagamba Maria giving them the opportunity to access these permits. This is going to help promote more gorilla safaris in Uganda since the tour operators will market the gorilla permits.

This is to help the tour operators earn profits since they will bargain for the permits and make sure they earn much from them. This will therefore promote more gorilla tours in Uganda and also promote more revenues to the government. However it will also benefit the local people in Uganda especially those who sell local products as tourists buy the products on their gorilla visits in Uganda.

This will also generate more revenues in Uganda which will help improve the infrastructure of Uganda such as roads, hotels, lodges through the money collected. This will help provide the best facilities to the tourists who come to tour Uganda hence promoting more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and make Uganda a tourist destination.

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