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crododile -uganda newsThe Uganda Wildlife Authority a government agency that is responsible for managing wildlife including those in the Uganda safari sites including National Parks have been commended for relocating a man eating crocodile from the shores of Lake George to the crater lakes in the Maramagambo Forest.
The residents around the Lake George have previously had bad experience with the crocodile in the area that have positioned themselves to terrorize these people especially the fisher men. This had affected their fishing activities and contributed to their negativity against wildlife including that one in the surrounding Queen Elizabeth National Park the most popular destination always encountered on safaris in Uganda.
The Man eating Crocodile which weighs up to 800 Kilograms and stretching to 4.8m long was captured on 31st May 2015 following an extended battle with their expert team from Uganda Wildlife Authority. The experts from the Problem Animal Control Unit then relocated the fierce animal to Lake Kibwera which is one of the crater lakes in the Maramgambo forest which is one of the remarkable dense forests that always attracted travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
The issues of crocodile attacks have been remarkably common in various parts of the country including the shores of Lake Victoria, Karuma, along the Nile River and the Bugiri area. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has always responded to the cries of the local people when the fierce animals become disastrous to their lives. Crocodiles are among the most interesting creatures to encounter on Uganda safaris and tours.
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