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gorillaGorilla tracking is the most interesting and attracting activity in Rwanda which has attracted more gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. The government of Rwanda is therefore working hard so as to find resolutions to all the problems facing gorillas so as to promote more gorilla safaris in Rwanda.

The government of Rwanda together with the Rwanda Wildlife Authority are working together so as to increase more gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda. They have put up strict laws against poaching so as to ensure safety of the gorillas so as to increase more gorilla tours in Rwanda.

They have also educated the local people about conserving the forests where the gorillas live so as to protect the habitats of the gorillas to stop habitat loss and displacement. They have also educated and encouraged  the Rwandese to look after the gorillas well so as to keep them healthy and also promote more gorilla safaris in Rwanda.

All these solutions that are put in place have increased the number of gorilla tracking tours in Rwanda. This has helped to creat more revenues to Rwanda hence developing the Economy of Rwanda and hence more gorilla visits in Rwanda. This has improved the tourism sector hence making Rwanda a tourist destination.

Rwanda safaris/Rwanda safari News

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