wildlife at Murchison falls

It is a moment of joy for the conservationists and Uganda Safari tour enthusiasts that the restoration of land on 42 out of the entire 52 Oil exploration and the appraisal wells has been completed in the famous Murchison Falls National Park and the adjacent communities.

The lush flora that initially existed in these areas has been restored and as of now it has matured and the wild game is able to graze freely. Murchison Falls National Park features twenty two (22) wells and out of these seven (7) have had a restoration of land and then given back to the government while other seven (7)  are ready to be handed over.

The restoration of land commenced in the year 2014 according to the Total E&EP which is the main player in the oil and gas sector in Uganda and the respective companies are anticipated to restore the damaged land to its natural state in the pre-drilling time.  This is aimed at ensuring environmental protection which will in turn ensure the continuity of Uganda Safaris.

According to the Health and Safety Environment Manager Yusuf Zziwa acknowledges that the native species of trees have been planted on some of the wells with the aim of ensuring that they get back to their former state before the oil assessment activities were conducted. In a bid to enhance the environmental protection, the Oil waste in the areas of Buliisa and Tangi has been cleared and transferred to Nyamasoga consolidation place.

Murchison Falls National Park which is also the largest game park in Uganda has since 2010 been a hot spot following the oil discovery attracting numerous global oil and gas companies and the government to take advantage of this rich resource whilst the environmentalists were at the forefront saving the park’s biodiversity. The park is also a hot spot destination for travelers on safaris in Uganda.

It can be noted that protected areas like Murchison Falls National Park constitute over ¾ of the visited sites by the Uganda tour undertakers and the nation earns considerably inform of tourist revenues.  The fear lies in the fact that Oil is expected to fetch $3bn per annum for the two complete decades when the production commences which environmentalists think that it may override the survival of animals thus compromising their conservation. However, though Oil is considered as a quick gain, tourism has the capacity to last forever.