river nile UgandaRiver Nile is Africa’s longest river and the second longest in the world. The river is an international river as it is being shared by eleven countries. The history of the River has attracted very many safari visits to Uganda.

The source of the river Nile was discovered by the early explorer and adventurer John Hanning Speke in 1858. The experience of the Nile provides tourists with an exciting experience to take home and thus increase in safari tours.

The Nile has formed waterfalls which are outstanding and have powerful waterfalls in nature for example the Murchison Falls, Ripon falls, and karuma falls. Along the Nile are various types of animals that can be seen.

Most activities done on the Nile includes bungee jumping and white water rafting.  These activities attract a lot of tourists to the destination and thus increasing safaris to Uganda.

Now the Nile is being seen as a source to raise money to create awareness for conservation.   According to Ms Carvell, the general manager Nile River Explorers, The three weeks expedition will enable her raise money and create awareness for the Uganda Conservation Fund.

 She added that the expedition will be a rare chance for the tourism and conservation fraternities to come jointly and highlight Uganda. According to her the mission will also highlight efforts by other valuable conservation organizations within Uganda.

Conservation in Uganda needs the focus of every stakeholder in order to come up with the best and successful strategies. Conservation will protect the natural resources on with tourism depends this will lead to increase in safaris in Uganda and benefit of all stakeholders.

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