tourism in ugandaApparently, the tourism sector is the Uganda’s chief foreign exchange earner after taking over from the traditional exports of remittances and coffee indicating that the revenue from the Uganda safari undertakers were over whelming. This unleashed the potential of the tourism sector to turn around the economy of Uganda if given the respective consideration.
At the launch of the ten (10) year tourism plan, the Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities an institution that overlooks the process of increasing safari tours to Uganda Hon. Maria Mutagamba revealed that every tourist who transfers through the Entebbe International Airport pays $57 to Civil Aviation Authority and that in 2013, the country got 1.3 million travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda. In turn, she requested that out of $57 paid by each tourist, $2 should be allocated to the Ministry of Tourism to boast its marketing efforts so as to keep at par with the respective competitors.
Now, opinion have it that at least $25 out of the $57 should instead be allocated to tourism unlike the $2 that the Minister had proposed so as to build strong industry that will stand the forces of competition from similar destinations like the neighboring Kenya.
The need to develop product brands that are consistent in the key originating areas and tapping into key global channels that would help to propagate such brand including the National Geographic, Discovery, and History Channel among others requires good financial base that can be acquired through the above means. Addressing the Uganda’s tourism sector bottlenecks like the Public transport, the quality of Uganda’s urban environment, the human resource and product development would see travellers’ opting for Uganda safaris increase and eventually the returns that would lead to realization of the vision 2020.
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