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rubaga cathedral UgandaUganda is one of the countries known in Africa for its freedom of religion and thus has very many different religions which have attracted safaris to Uganda. Among the different religions includes the catholic religion which was introduced by the European missionaries.

The religion has constructed many churches across the country which include Rubaga cathedral. Rubaga Cathedral is one of the well-known Places for worship in Uganda. The church is known for its beautiful architectural beauty and thus has attracted a lot of safaris in Uganda.

Rubaga cathedral is located on one of the seven hills of Kampala which makes it one of the Centers of attraction within Kampala. Inside the church are 22 facts and thus one of the places worth visiting while on safari visits for historical reasons.

The Cathedral hosts a memorial to the First African bishop in Uganda and is visited by tourists every year thus it is an important place to stop by while on your safaris in Uganda.

Many people who made visit to the Cathedral always remember the place because its unique designs and beautiful making it one of the places to visit on your safari tours.

The  cathedral is currently the head of all the Catholic churches in Uganda which makes it an important place for the Catholics in Uganda and the outside world.

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