fauna- safaris in ugandaAdventure tours are one of the interesting tourist packages that youthful travellers usually undertake while on Uganda safaris. One would wonder a group of travellers being flogged without mercy in the painful lashes of the River Nile as it squeezes its self to pass through a 7m ravine before plunging 43m down the Devils Cauldron with the boat turning upside down throwing the whole group in the speedy river jaws. At this moment, the chances of triumphing much reduced with the members drowning senseless while others crushing against the sharp edge rocks that have resisted the forces of river erosion for centuries.
Unfortunately, those that make it will halt their joy as the hungry Nile Crocodiles will be warming up for the fresh consumable that is drawing closer to them to rip apart. This is one of the great imaginary adventure encounters to have while on safari in Uganda on the powerful Murchison Falls.

Amazingly, the travel group of 9 Russians very sober is embarking on this hilarious encounter on their safari that starts on December 9th 2014. On their 21 days Uganda adventure safari tour, the Russian travel group will traverse Uganda’s attractions from December 9th – 30th exploring other destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable well known for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Mountain Rwenzori, and River Nile in Jinja among others.

The 22 – 35 aged Russian travel group will traverse these destinations participating in a range of tourist activities under the media coverage with the aim of showcasing Uganda as a must visit adventure destination. Upon the triumph, the captured content will be published by Russia’s biggest travel advisories and social media and magazines and World Encyclopedia of travel. This is thought to increase the number of Russians that plan safari tours to Uganda with their expenditure fame since they spend four more times on an item than a British tourist spends.

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