A delegation from Israel parliament  undertook a safari to Rwanda visiting the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza and the Ethnographic museum in Huye district in a bid to explore the culture and traditions of Rwanda.
The delegation which was led by Ronen Plot, the Knesset Director General undertook a four day Rwanda safari  in quest of strengthening the bilateral ties between Israel and Rwanda. In this visit, the delegation met with officials in Rwanda over the matter.
Regarding, the visit to the museums, the delegation was thrilled with the culture and traditions of Rwanda considering it as rich. The royal thatched huts of Nyanza and the entertainment of the Inyambo cows’ parade plus the great ethnographic, historic, archaeological and artistic artifacts of the ethnographic museum formerly the Butare National Museum left the delegates who had undertook a safari in Rwanda in a state of amazement.
The head of the delegation appreciated the marvelous items that are kept very well and Plot pledged to build a strong interconnection between the Israel museums and the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) in order to ensure cooperation and cross cultural exchange. In that regard, the official pledged to arrange an exhibition featuring Rwanda’s cultural artifacts and items in Israel. This initiative of bilateral cooperation was highly welcomed by the officials in Rwanda as a strategy that would build staff capacity in terms of management and eventual boast in safaris to Rwanda.

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