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Rwanda Coronavirus Update 18th June: Rwanda International Trade Fair, Expo2020 Postponed due to COVID-19

Rwanda Coronavirus Update 18th JuneThe 2020 Rwanda International Trade Fair, Expo2020, has been postponed to December 11-31 due to Covid-19 pandemic. It was expected to take place from July 21-August 10. The 23rd Trade Fair has been postponed due to the fact that Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the movement of international exhibitors.

Rwanda Private Sector Federation, the organizers of the exhibition, announced the postponement on Thursday, June 18.

According to Eric Kabera who is in charge of Public Relations at the Federation, it is expected that by December countries will have opened borders and movements. “We have discussed with our exhibitors from different countries and have agreed that by December, commercial activities, as well as movements, will be resumed in many countries,” he said.

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

Speaking to the press, Kabera said that the federation is discussing how expo operations can be adjusted to Coronavirus Covid-19 precautionary measures. “We started using cashless payments to pay entry fees in the last few years but we will enforce it as the only means of payment this time. We are also discussing how physical distance will be enforced,” he explained.

So far, the expo ground where the Trade Fair takes place is ready. The number of exhibitors is expected to raise and exceed 500, from 496 exhibitors in 2019, given that there is additional time for exhibitors to prepare and register.

Rwanda International Trade Fair 2019 attracted 329,178 visitors. Kabera says the Federation expects more visitors in 2020 since there is more time to prepare.