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rwandaThe board is aiming at attracting local tourists to have safaris in Rwanda. This is going to help them as the citizens appreciate the beauty of nature in their country and also be able to spread the good news about their country so as to attract more tours in Rwanda hence boosting the tourism sector in Rwanda.

The local tourists will help tourists know Rwanda more because they are guided, increase the number of Rwanda visits and it will also help increase the revenues of the country through their payments. This revenue helps to improve the infrastructure of Rwanda such as roads, hotels, lodges and so many other attractions. This will therefore help promote more Rwanda safaris.

The board needs different kinds of people such as the students whose Rwanda tours can be prepared by their teachers so as the students can be able to study the beauty of their country. Rwanda has a lot of tourist attractions such as National parks with the rare Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and so many other tourist attractions which have promoted safaris in Rwanda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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