rwanda gorilla trekking safarisRwanda the country positioned in the east Africa is one of the favorite destinations that have positioned themselves to the world as a haven for mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Other safaris like chimpanzee trekking safaris, cultural tours and wildlife safaris in Rwanda give it a supplement.
It is very interesting to note that this country is continuing to perform well even at global scale. Rwanda participated in the International Travel Exhibition hosted annually in Berlin the Capital of German. This year 2015 was memorable for Rwanda after emerging as the best of the best exhibitors on a global scale and the Best of the African exhibitors. Rwanda, however many folks have argued that it is regaining her lost position after Burundi took it the previous year but failed to exhibit this year.
These two accolades cannot be underestimated especially in this eve when Rwanda is aiming at increasing number of travellers that undertake a safari to Rwanda. However, what is being argued is how Rwanda is strategizing to turn this into numbers and revenues. The struggle lies ahead and thus it is not the time to rise in triumph and celebrate victory.
This is seen as the beginning process that should encourage Rwanda to expand on the Rwanda safari attractions like finishing the cultural site in Gasabo District, enhancing the returns from the tripartite arrangement with Uganda and Tanzania not forgetting tapping into local tourism demand.
Rwanda was seconded by Kenya while Tunisia came in the third position on the African continent in an exhibition that featured more than 186 countries and 200,000 people.
The tourism industry in Rwanda is among the top foreign exchange earners with steady growth. For example in 2014, the arrivals increased from 1.14 million to 1.2 million while the tourism revenue grew from $296 million to $303 million.

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