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gorillaRwanda has greatly improved the tourism sector and this has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda . The sector is affected with increasing revenues which is raised from the many tourist attractions which are found in Rwanda as a country. The industry has recorded increasing incomes and this has helped in the development of the country.

The establishment of the new tourist attractions and the diversification of the tourism sector of Rwanda have greatly helped in providing new tourism products to the tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda. This has helped in the growth of the tourism sector with in the country making it the highest income generator of Rwanda.

Rwanda has brought in a lot of new tourism products and these include Nyungwe canopy walk and the Congo Nile trail which have attracted increasing safaris to Rwanda. There are also other attractions which have continuously attracted many people to come for tours, these include the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, birds, wildlife species with in the national parks, culture and many more.

Rwanda has got many hotels which have continued to help in facilitating the tourists who come for safari tours to Rwanda. It has got many restaurants, hotels, motels and many inns and these have helped in developing the tourism sector in the country.

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