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Rwanda wrwanda gorillaas identified as one of the best destinations for 2014, This has been evidenced by the growing revenue figures which have been increasing day by day from the tourism sector of Rwanda.

The factors which has helped the country to prosper in tourism development include the introduction of the single tourist visas which  help in promoting domestic tourism  in the country and also encouraging tourists from other east African countries to move to Rwanda without any restrictions hence helping in increasing safari visits.

Rwanda has got many tourist attractions which are liked by many visitors who come for safaris in Rwanda. These attractions include; the mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda, the chimpanzees, the bird species, the wild animals in the national parks, plant species and the culture of Rwanda, all these have helped in attracting more tourists to Rwanda.

The tourism industry in Rwanda has greatly improved because of technology which has helped in facilitating the increasing number of tourists who are coming to Rwanda; these have been installed in hotels, national parks and in many other tourist destinations. This has helped in attracting more people to come for safari tours to Rwanda.

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