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rwanda safarisRwanda has now concentrated on the development of the rural areas so as to spread the tourism sector to those areas which will increase more safaris in Rwanda.This is so because. for the country to develop its rural areas should also be developed therefore this will help increase more safaris to Rwanda as a developed country.

Rwanda has decided to extend its energy to the rural areas which is going to encourage the rural people to carry out more businesses in the areas. This will help develop the economy of Rwanda hence encourage more Rwanda safaris. More investments will be encouraged in the country and also tourists on Rwanda safari will be encouraged to invest in the economy hence making Rwanda abetter place .

This will help fight poverty in Rwanda as many people will be in Business and this will  market Rwanda as a tourist destination hence thereby increasing the number of tourists coming for safaris in Rwanda. it will help many people with small businesses to develop because they will easily run their businesses with electricity. This will attract more Rwanda safaris hence boosting the Tourism sector.

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