Rwanda to encourage marketing of mountain gorillas- Rwanda safari updates

gorillas in rwandaRwanda has got many mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park and this means that marketing is essential in the promotion of mountain gorilla trekking with in the country; this will help in bringing in high revenues to the country and also developing the tourism sector.

Rwanda’s tourism sector is mainly based on mountain gorillas and this means that marketing them to the outside world would bring in more tourists who will come for gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda. This will help in promoting the tourism industry and also developing the country.

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are mostly found in volcanoes national park which has got half of the mountain gorillas which are found in the world, these primates have been visited by many visitors who come for mountain gorilla trekking safaris.

Rwanda can best market mountain gorillas, by putting the gorilla permits online, suing online marketing, brochures, flyers and many other ways which can help in attracting more tourists to come for gorilla safaris to Rwanda. This will help in improving the tourism sector in the country.

Rwanda shouldn’t not only market mountain gorillas but also other tourist attractions which include the chimpanzees, the birds, the culture, the vegetation and the land space,  will help in increasing safari visits to Rwanda.


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