Rwanda to promote conservation of national parks-Rwanda safari updates

wildlife in rwandaRwanda’s tourism is considered to be the most exchange earner of the country and this means that the tourism ministry is putting in a lot of efforts to conserve the national parks in the country; this will also help in increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda.

Conservation of the national parks is so important since it helps in maintaining and protecting the habitants of the animals in the national parks, this will certainly help in the reduction of the numbers of animals which die because of habitant loss, and this will help in increasing the number of Rwanda safaris.

The national parks in Rwanda have got many wildlife species which have attracted many tourists to come for safari tours with in Rwanda, and these include the mountain gorilla, chimpanzees, bird species, and wild animals like the elephants, lions, and many more.

This practice has been promoted through limiting the number of people who carry out mountain gorilla trekking activities within the parks; Rwanda has also encouraged Eco-tourism which is a type of tourism that promotes tourism without impacting the environment, this will help in increasing the number of tourists who visit the national parks hence increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda.

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