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The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) is taking on an initiative of planting a range of tree species that are nearing extinction so as to enhance national history preservation and ensure the continuity of cultural safaris in Rwanda.

A count of 300 historical medicinal and bird friendly trees hailing from seven species were planted at the famous Ethnographic Museum one of the main Rwanda Safari tour sites in the southern province.

The range of these tree species planted were extracted from the Nyungwe Forest National Park and they included; Sygygium Guinense (Umugote), Macaranga Kilimandscharica (Umusekera), Harungana Madagascariensis (Umushabishabi), Neoctonia Macrocalis (Umwanya), Hagenia Abyssinica (Umugeti) and Urutobwe And Umukipfu. Nyungwe is the most verdant and well protected natural forest in Rwanda with myriad of flora including beautiful Orchids, fauna like Chimpanzees and Africa’s largest grouping of Black and white colobus monkeys making it a darling destination for travelers on safaris and tours in Rwanda.

The Institute of Museums in Rwanda is harbouring the future idea of having a magnificent lush forest with impressive bird sights and sounds where the guests on safari in Rwanda can always seat and enjoy a fine cup of Rwandan Coffee.  This would in turn increase the time spent at the Museum and the expenditure as well resulting into more revenues and self sustainability of these Museums by the year 2020.

The Ethnographic Museum already has Eucalyptus forest on the 20 hectares on which it is seated. The new tree species planted have got considerable importance for example umukipfu tree is known to yield flowers after five (5) years and would continue to do so for more years thus attracting the honey bees. In addition, the tree species provide local medication in form of herbs that assist women in labour according to the Acting Manager of Natural History Museum. The Natural history Museum also formerly known as Kandt house is positioned in Gitega sector in the district of Nyarugenge and features great environmental artefacts and always explored on safari tour in Rwanda.

Apparently tourism is the chief export earner for Rwanda generating $304.9 million in the previous year.