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Iby’Iwacu cultural villageRwanda’s approach at promoting tourism at the same time enhancing the welfare of the local people around the game parks has greatly helped in increasing Rwanda safaris which at the same time helped in increasing the revenues of the country and developing the tourism sector in Rwanda.

The mountain gorillas which are the one of the major tourist attraction of Rwanda, have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris and this has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for the trips to Rwanda, since the mountain gorillas are conserved and preserved. Also the ceremony of naming mountain gorillas in Rwanda has greatly increased the numbers of visitors in the country.

Rwanda’s approach which is to promote tourism at the same time improving the livelihoods of the people who live around the tourist attractions like the national parks , has greatly improved safaris in Rwanda , since many visitors have come to visit the tourist attractions, which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

The projects which Rwanda uses are private and public partnerships which are used to secure community land ownership, protect the critical biodiversity and also enhance the welfare of the local people , this has helped in promoting tourism in local areas , which has later helped in increasing safaris in Rwanda.

The government of Rwanda, has also put in place incentives to help the local people benefit from tourism activities in parks in their midst to embark 5% of the profits from the tourism revenues to the local communities, this has helped in developing the tourism sector in Rwanda, hence increasing safari visits.

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