At 5,109m above sea level, Mount Rwenzori is recorded as the tallest Mountain range in the whole of Africa since Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya are free standing.  This makes it an incredible destination for adventure safaris in Uganda.

The beauty of this towering range does not only lie in its magical peak but also the beautiful ridges that straddle across the Uganda Congo boarder. The beautiful cloud cover can at times give way to clear skies presenting the travelers on Uganda Safaris and tours with lasting sightseeing experience.

From the open savannah landscapes of Kasenyi sector in the Uganda wildlife safari in destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park, one gains a 180-degree view of the legendary Mountains of the moon as described by Ptolemy in the 150AD while being surrounded by magical sights of a range of wild game including elephants, buffaloes, kobs, water bucks, lions among others.

The overlooking community lands on the lower mountain layers feature impressive settlement with sights of villages and local architectural setting.  A rewarding community walk is often undertaken on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori to explore the heritage of these traditional communities including the Bakonjo who have inhabited the area for over 300 years. This makes it a good site for cultural tours in Uganda.

The Fort Portal – Kasese – Queen Elizabeth National park road drive offers an en route sightseeing experience of this wonderful mountain. The view of the Rwenzori Mountain from the Queen’s Pavilion is also rewarding.

Thus, depending on one’s position, the incredible Rwenzori Mountains – Africa’s third highest peak offer fascinating scenery contributing greatly to ultimate Africa safari memories!

By Siima Simon Peter