girafe at kidepo valley national parkKidepo  is found in North eastern part of Uganda.It is 700km from Kampala and lies between the boarders of Sudan and Kenya which makes it a good tourist destination hence  safari visits in Uganda.It has better chances of viewing  animals,good moving safaris as well as day and night drives therefore providing room for more safaris in Uganda.

The foremost appeal about Kidepo is its distinctive panorama, the savannah grasslands and hilly range which attracts more tours in Uganda. It is among those with a multiplicity of wildlife such as huge lions, leopards, buffaloes elephants, Rhinos, and other animals you may love to see hence strengthening Uganda safaris and more tours to Uganda.This makes it among the very few wilderness parks worldwide hence promoting safaris  in Uganda

Kidepo is a bowl shaped park because of its landscape, which is covered by mountains, this gives natural safeguard from infringement, hence sparing its eco-scheme which gives more attraction to tourists hence promoting more safaris in Uganda.There is abundance of unusual bird species , rivers, , mountain hiking, game viewing, Water rafting, bird viewing and many more giving more opportunites to promote safari visits  to Uganda .  

There are more activities in the north east game park which make it unique and far better than the rest of the National parks therefore boosting Uganda safari visits.

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