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mbarara-townThe western part of Uganda where Mbarara district is found is gifted with various unique natural and artificial attractions and these range from  water bodies, Natural vegetation and the interesting culture of the local people which at times prompts world travellers to plan safaris to Uganda. The town of Mbarara is one of the towns in Uganda growing at faster  rate and more convincingly a tourism destination where tourists can spend holiday while on their safari in Uganda.
The interesting places around this town range from natural to built-up attractions and among the nature include Lake Mburo National Park which is situated 45 kilometers from Mbarara town and 240 kilometers south-west part of Kampala. The Park is popular for its unique bird species and this gives room for visitors to enjoy activities such as birding and besides birds, the park is endowed with different wild life species ranging from the Zebras, Waterbucks, as well as Impala and Buffalos. Due to the existence of a lake in the middle of the Park, visitors on Uganda safaris can therefore enjoy various water sports such as boat cruises, canoeing alongside spot fishing.
Besides the national park, a visitor on safari in Uganda can also visit Lake Nakivale which is located south-east of the town of Mbarara and takes roughly 40 kms. The interesting thing in this lake is that the lake has sandy beaches which can be visited by visitors to relax and refresh their  mind from city hassles. Visitors can also get involved in the canoeing activities along the River of Rwizi which is said to be flowing from the main highlands of Bushenyi district supplying water to Kachera Lake in the well-known district of Rakai. Down in the river side visitor can enjoy the view of the habituated cobra snakes kept in the Safari park.
Before any visitor leaves Mbarara he or she must first have cultural encounter with the Sanga Cultural Village which is the cultural Centre particular for specific tribe called the Hima tribe which are strategically located in the route leading someone to Mburo national park. Here visitors can learn different cultural ways of this tribe, their traditional believes, norms art and craft among others.
Having an encounter in this region while on Uganda Safaris and tours, visiting sites like Igongo cultural site which contains a museum showing all the Crafts, Souvenirs, traditional remains of the local people from western Uganda is a memorable encounter that would definitely generate ultimate Uganda safari memories. The Centre also has hotels  where visitors can enjoy African traditional foods mainly  of western Uganda. The green gardens with Igongo cultural Centre can favor visitors interested in organizing birthday parties, weddings, and other get together parties.
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