Kampala_Serena_Hotel_ugandaKampala Serena Hotel which is located at the heart of Kampala city presenting a remarkable stay for traveling world including those on safaris in Uganda is in moments of joy after securing the top position in the hotel rankings that were concluded on last Friday.
The ululations and celebrations were at the peak in Victoria Hall of Kampala Serena Hotel when the Ministry for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities was announcing the outcomes of the ranking of hotels in Uganda. The first ever hotel classification to ever happen in Uganda caught every one by surprise and it was considered as one of the positive move towards a sustainable service industry that will see travelers that plan safaris to Uganda increase.
The classification which were issued in the categories two (2), three (3), four (4) and Five (5) star were ranked by the East African Assessors under the Uganda Tourism Board, a governmental has responsibility of maintaining quality assurance in the country’s tourism sector so as to ensure continued satisfaction of Uganda safari undertakes.
The hotel classification featured among others the efficiency and quality, buildings, location, lunch, buildings, restaurants, lobby and bars. Kampala Serena Hotel fortunately rose to the best position in the five (5) star category along with Munyonyo Common Wealth Hotel and Sheraton International Kampala Hotel which are other upmarket accommodation establishments that travelers on safari in Uganda tend to use.
The Minister of Tourism Hon Maria Mutagamba who presided over the function noted that the initiative to recognize and standardize the hotels aims at scaling up the tourism industry and as a means of ensuring the International travellers that there is safe, secure and confortable accommodation, food along with other while on Uganda safaris and tours.
The move which started with Kampala will roll out to other parts of the country and the hotel located there will be graded also according to Mr. Asiimwe Stephen, the Executive Director of Uganda Tourism Board. The President of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association Mrs. Susan Muhwezi noted that the initiative will see the marketing of the ranked hotels made easier since their standards would be recognized and known like other hotels of International stature.

The total of 76 hotels was tried out and inspection carried out. Unfortunately most of these were left out and only 26 were categorized. Those that missed out could not meet the standards that were required for the ranking. However, some of the big hotels did not take part in the ranking exercise. Other hotels that tend of awarding themselves stars were warned of the act as it considered illegal and thus risked prosecution.
The categorization of Hotels in Uganda is one of those new endeavor the sector is attempting to bring the sector to the minimum level and consider the minimum international standards to match with the standardization of the product that has become common on the global market and in the minds of the regular travelers not forgetting the aspect of uniqueness that would definitely give a selling preposition for individual establishments and the country as destination. Uganda is a rich destination for a range of safari packages including Uganda gorilla trekking safaris.
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