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sezibwa-falls-ugandasafarisLocated 35 km east of Kampala, Sezibwa falls –  is reputed to have been a favorite spot for Kabakas Mwanga and MutesaII evidenced by their planted trees that still flourish today. This Uganda safari site is not only famous for its magnificent water fall but also has a rich tale that surround it; it all starts with a woman called Nakungu of the fox clan who gave birth not to twin children as expected but to a twin River, divided into two separate torrents by a landmass immediately below the water fall. It is believed that the spirits of Nakangu’s unborn children – Ssezibwa and Mobeya still inhabit the river – something interesting to cultural tourists on safari in Uganda. No wonder that it was once customary for any Muganda passing its source at Namukono some 20 km further east to throw a handful grass or stones into it for good luck. Even today, thanks giving sacrifice of bark cloth, beer and as cock is made at the river source every year usually led by Salongo – the father of twins. Communal sacrificial ceremonies in which nine pieces of the meat most favored by the individual spirit will be placed at the appropriate shrine are still held at the Water fall and sometimes even attended by the Kabaka himself. Tourists on Uganda safari visit are welcome on such occasions.  Sezibwa is currently an impressive eco-tourism site good for Uganda safari excursions although its also regarded as a cultural attraction thus offering two safari products in one package. The waterfall itself is very pretty particularly during rains while the fringing trees harbor an interesting selection of birds suiting interests of birders planning a safari to Uganda. Sezibwa falls can be fully encountered on your Uganda wildlife safari, eco-safari or alongside gorilla tracking.

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