Kigali Genocide memorial CentreIt’s now close to 20years since the 1994 Rwanda Genocide occurred and this genocide was one of world’s most terrifying persecutions that took lives of the people. Different genocide memorial centers were established in different places and these are acting as one of the important pull factor as to why tourists from all over the world take their Safaris and Tours to Rwanda to pay visit to the sites in order to share the sorry experience .
Kigali Genocide memorial was started in 2004 and the site plays very important role in showing the events as well as the victims of the genocide. Taking a safari tour in Rwanda and Kigali city in particular will offer the visit chance to share the sorry experience with the fellow Rwandese who lost their friends, relatives during the genocide. A visit to this site offers also the visitors with chance of seeing the numerous faces of various victims which are portrayed in the Centre’s displays as well as photos of slain children that have heart-rending impact. In this Centre photography is mainly used to help inform and personalize as well as humanize the impact of the killings.
In the month of April year 1994 was terrifying year when the world received aggressive mass killings within the smallest country in Africa (Rwanda) unfortunately little, though something was done to stop this killing. To those staying outside Rwanda understood the genocide as tribal-based ethnic violence, with the tribe of the Tutsis who were the most affected. In short the number of people  who where  killed is estimated to be between 500,000 to 800,000 but no really figure is proved to be correct. The sorry full experience comes when the guide explains painful story how women were raped by men who had HIV, among others while on Rwanda safaris and tours.
Rwanda Safaris enables visitors to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre so as to have clear understanding of the modern Rwanda as well as how citizens in Rwanda relate with each other today and the visitors can also relate depending on the knowledge of what occurred during the period of the 1994 genocide. The museum plays a very significant role of putting the past 1994 Rwandan genocide to appear like other recent genocides that occurred during the twentieth century.

The Center’s audio guide and displays offer the real information about what actually happened during times of the 1994 genocide, it also shows events of 1994 as well as insights to its legacy. The museum also shows Photographs, the stories and videos of the people who were there during the genocide. The most important part of the site is the one called Tomorrow Lost and this one specially gives highlights on how they used to murder the young children and it also provides real insights of some of the personalities of young children who were killed.
The best option of sharing sorry experience is by confirming a Rwanda safari tour specifically to the Kigali Genocide Memorial which is strategically located in the place where the left overs of roughly a quarter of one million human beings were buried .
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