sipi-fallsNoted to be among the most picturesque sites sought after on Uganda Safaris and tours, the Sipi Falls lies to the East of Uganda on the slopes of Mount Elgon close to the border of Kenya.

Politically, the Sipi Falls lies in the district of Kapchworwa and its access involves traversing other impressive Uganda tour landscapes including River Nile and the lush swamps and rice plantations of Iganga among others. But Sipi Falls can as well be accessed from the north if the travelers are connecting from the Uganda Safari tour destination of Kidepo Valley National Park.

Drawing its waters from the famous Elgon Mountain which was at one time the tallest mountain in Africa before it was reduced to the eighth position by denudation forces, Sipi Falls is such a fascinating feature with sprinkling crystal clear waters falling in three separate ways deriving a magical scenic landscape that has always lured the traveling world including those on a safari in Uganda into a state of remarkable excitement.

Hiking the Sipi Falls is a popular activity in the region and this can be done both inside the Mount Elgon National Park under the guidance of the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers and outside the park following a community route under the guidance of local guides. The trek to the falls is very exciting presenting great views of Karamoja plains, Mount Elgon slopes, Lake Kyoga – the second largest fresh water lake in Uganda and the Bagisu farmlands.

The area around Sipi Falls has a range of accommodation facilities providing overnight stay for the travelers on safaris to Uganda in their respective categories including Luxury, Midrange and Budget. The lodges include; Sipi River Lodge, Sipi Falls Lodge, Lacam Lodge, Crown’s Nest Camp site and Rose’s Last Chance among others.

Besides the Sipi Falls hike, the visitors can also engage in other exciting activities including; abseiling, Rob’s rolling rock and 14 bolted sport route climb not forgetting the Coffee tours in the Bagisu Community.

The falls derive the name from an indigenous plant species called Sep that grows along the banks of the river similar to a wild banana and has a medical attachment as it is used to treat fever and measles.