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gorilla family in bwindiGorilla trekking in Uganda particularly in Bwindi ranks among the most important reason as to why travellers travel to Africa. The impression attached to the first time a visitor meets the rare mountain gorillas is always challenging to explain. Gorillas are exciting animals that possess the unique behaviors from those exhibited by other wild animals and therefore trekking these impressing animals is an experience which no visitor should underrate.
Gorilla trekking safaris and tours to Uganda’ s Bwindi national park are always conducted in the different areas or regions and in these regions there are different gorilla families or groups habituated and exposed to tourists visit. Rushegura gorilla family is located in Buhoma gorilla trekking region and this region was the first to be set for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
The group is made up of 19 individual members of gorillas including one silverback and is more impressive is the gorilla’s size and attitude towards human beings which totally differ from that of other wild animal species and every tourists who visits the mountain gorilla experiences mystical sense of recognition which is not the case with other wild animals.
The magical one hour visitor can spend with the Rushegura Gorilla Family while on his gorilla safari in Uganda will enable the visitor to know the interesting history of the Rushegura gorilla group. The history begins with the name Rushegura which is the place where the Rushegura gorilla group separated from the larger family of Habinyanja in the month of February, 2002. The separation was caused by the Mwirima’s efforts to start up a stable new family and he decided to take with him seven gorilla individual members and at the time they started they were 12 members involving even the 5 female gorrillas. By the year 2010 the group members increased to 19 members which are currently occupying the Rushegura gorilla group. Currently Mwirima with the age of around 27 years is the dominant silver back in the group and always fights with the other wild gorilla groups in order to protect his group.
Uganda gorilla safaris present to visitors the opportunity to trek the Rushegura gorilla group which used to be adventurous and therefore could cross to Congo side but currently it settled and peaceful now enjoys the beautiful natural environment of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Having time with this calmest gorilla family which mainly live in the areas of Buhoma village is the most memorable time visitor will never forget. The members of this peaceful gorilla family especially the youngsters can be even watched some times in the lodge gardens of Gorilla Forest Camp and they do not always fear visitors and what is more interesting they like so much to get better look.
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