T Rhinos- uganda wildlifehe destination Uganda has been faced by a range of poaching troubles especially related to ivory trade that have led to killing elephants – one of the prime Uganda safari attractions. For example in 2014, the Aviation police intercepted the ivory consignments that were worth 1 billion Uganda Shillings.
The Japanese government out of generosity donated dozens of spy cameras to help Ugandan Authorities in combating poaching. The feedback got from the Authorities including the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is tasked with the responsibility of managing wildlife including the National Parks that are always visited by travellers on Uganda safaris indicate that a lot of movements have been captured of both poachers and wildlife particularly in Murchison Falls National Park.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority noted that they were also making use of geo-locator cameras that have got Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in the process of conducting patrols as further means of getting poachers. The equipment was donated by Uganda Conservation Foundation. This equipment enables them to effectively monitor the major Uganda safari parks in the Uganda.
These Spy Cameras according to Jossy Muhangi the UWA spokesperson have enabled the Authorities gather enough evidenced to pin the poachers in court. In addition to these efforts, UWA intends to amend the Wildlife Act of 2000 to add more tough penalties to the perpetrators including traffickers and poachers. The apparent law puts 50,000 UGX as the fine for violators or a month in cells which seems to be weak as many poachers are in possession of this money and they just go back and kill more wildlife.
Fighting poaching requires concerted efforts of every stakeholder as it decreases bio-diversity and promotes extinction. This would definitely lead to reduced safaris to Uganda.
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