ssezibwa-fallsAt about 45 minutes drive to the East of Kampala; the magical Ssezibwa Falls takes its position as one of the fascinating scenic places explored on Uganda Safaris and Tours. Amazingly, the wonders of Ssezibwa Falls go beyond the incredible scenery to include important cultural features in the ancient Kingdom of Buganda.

Buganda which is one the most established Kingdoms on the African continent view the water fall as a central site in its culture and heritage and local site guides are always at their best in detailing this cultural connotation. The legend has it that a lady called Nakkungu Tebatuusa gave birth to twins but in form of Rivers namely Ssezibwa and Bwanda and following birth, Bwanda flowed to the east without hassle while Ssezibwa took a west ward direction but traversing very challenging landscapes including rocks which result into the formation of a magical waterfall that is rewarding to explore on Safaris in Uganda.

The strength of the River to traverse rocks is believed to have been fueled by the spirits and the main Spirit of Nalongo Kubbo is noted to have helped the river to succeed after which she found a rest in a cave in the rocks near the River. The Spirit takes on the shape of a snake and traditionalists claim that it at times gets out to do sun bathing on the rocks. This spiritual attachment makes the site an important worship site by traditional believers who always come in to offer sacrifices and pray for their wishes.

Besides the cultural element, the scenery of Ssezibwa Falls stands beyond the ordinary! The thunderous river plunge is surrounded by lush natural vegetation with beautiful shades of green while the sights and sounds of the range of bird species that number to 150 at the site combine to make the site rewarding to consider while planning a Uganda tour.

Ssezibwa Falls visit can be arranged as part of Jinja Day Excursion or as a part of extended Uganda Safari itineraries stretching to Mount Elgon, Kidepo and Murchison falls National Parks among others and an overnight at the site can as be arranged.