isingiro -lionThe lion one of the precious Uganda safari attractions which had set the rural communities of Ngarama Sub county in the district of Isingiro in a horrific moment after attacking and injuring three of their members, was brought to the end of its life on Wednesday by Uganda Wildlife Authority members in a bid to save the residents lives.
The origin of the species usually encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours is not yet clear with speculations inclined to northern Tanzania as it made its way to Lake Mburo National Park. The life of the lion came to an end following a gunshot as it approached the Kyakabindi trading center with counts of the local people who were running after it.
Following its attack on the residents of Ngarama Sub-County, a call was made to Lake Mburo National Park one of the visited parks by travellers on safaris in Uganda where a team of rangers under the lead of the Assistant Warden in charge of Problem Animals were dispatched onto the area to take charge of the situation. Upon the arriving of the squad at 1:00pm, the situation was out of hand with the locals running after the lion armed with spears, stones, machetes and sticks and the efforts to calm the mob automatically fell on deaf ears since it had already injured the three of their community members.
The animal later rested in a thicket which caused bit of calm though the continued interference from the locals as they kept on throwing sticks and stones made it to embark on the move. Here, a group of Veterinary experts that were sent from Queen Elizabeth National Park to dart and locate the lion to the park could not arrive in time and yet the crowd had also embarked on the chase of this beast which is among the big five of land animals that are highly sought after by travellers while planning safari tours to Uganda.
The situation become dangerous as the lion approached Kyakabindi Trading Center as more people increasingly chased after it creating ground for more possible danger. This prompted the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers to put the lion down in order to avert any possible deaths and more injuries. The carcass was then transferred to Lake Mburo National Park for post mortem and preservation.
However, this incident was welcomed on protest by various conservation players who claim that more would have been done to save this Uganda safari tour product – the lion rather than killing it. Experts were not involved in the attempt and the players continued to discredit UWA over failure to have a Vet expert in Lake Mburo National Park.
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