Elephant-kidepo valley npElephants are among the key species of wild game that travellers on Uganda safari always wish to encounter in Uganda. Elephants are part of the big five land animals along with Rhinos, buffaloes. Lions and leopard and because of its gigantic shape and unique mouth, it has always been an attraction that a cross section travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda would not wish to leave out.
Kotido neighbors the virgin wilderness of Kidepo National Park in the north east of Uganda which contains great number of wild game that are still thriving with less disturbance in the savannah dry lands of Kidepo which International travel advisories have listed among the best parks in Africa prompting world travelers to include it in their plans of undertaking safaris to Uganda.
Peter Aleper the 18 year old student was trampled by an elephant towards the end of January in the district of Kotido. The victim was a senior two student of Kotido Senior Secondary School and a resident of Losekucha village in Kaceeri Sub County. Aleper was also in company of two other boys who survived the demise by riding their bicycles faster.
The elephants which also gored donkeys to death with the owners surviving unhurt have become a menace in most villages that neighbor Kotido and Kaboong districts. The peoples’ movement along the Acholi and Karamoja boarder has turned out to be risky. Thus, Uganda Wildlife Authority which is responsible for management of wildlife and national parks that are encountered on Uganda safaris should take a considerable step towards stopping this issue.
The father to the deceased has a feeling that the government should compensate the family over the lost son which he attributes to the negligence in management of Kidepo National Park. The elephants had also destroyed sorghum gardens last year in July in the districts of Kotido, Kaabong and Abim resulting in food shortages.

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