swimming pool at mweya safari lodgeQueen Elizabeth National Park situated in the west of Uganda is apparently considered the mostly visited Uganda safari destination. The Park is rich in a range of wildlife including lions, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, leopard, among other species that are scattered across its savannah landscapes.
Spending an overnight in Queen Elizabeth National Park while on your wildlife safari in Uganda would go unchallenged if you opt for Mweya Safari Lodge. Perched on the peninsular of Mweya overlooking the 45m long Kazinga Channel and one of the largest lakes in Uganda Lake Edward, Mweya Safari Lodge is an upmarket/luxury accommodation establishment that will meet every traveller’s expectations.
Little would be mentioned if one leaves out swimming at Mweya. Standing as an Olympic size swimming pool of considerable width and length, Mweya swimming pool is one of those ideal water gatherings that will lure your heart to forget about undressing. The pool overlooks the cozy waters of Kazinga channel where a range of wild game dwell on the channel shores quenching their thirst while the aquatics like Nile crocodiles and Hippos enjoy the soothing waters that originate from the glacial peaks of Rwenzori Mountains usually encountered on a launch cruise while on safari tour in Uganda.
The mid-morning brightening tropical sunshine emanates from the east shining through these clear waters of the pool inspiring their blue color providing the swimmers with options of staying in the waters or to do a sun bath on the stretched cozy chairs that surround the pool. The rich bar side or well stocked book bank of  Mweya Safari lodge will leave you options of taking a soothing drink or reading an inspiring novel or a travel magazine at the pool whose generated memories will lure the home friends to plan a safari holiday to Uganda for a similar encounter.
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