mpanga tea estateThe vast tea landscape that fronts you as you draw into deeper areas of Fort Portal along Kampala – Fort Portal road present an amazing scenic landscape that is worth encountering on Uganda safari tour.
Operating under a public Limited Company, Mpanga Tea Growers discovered the potential in tea growing and processing which has in turn boasted their revenues, generated jobs and contributed to scenic landscape of the area. Fort Portal has been known for the crater lake fields, Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves and Kibale National Park where the Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda take place but the time to diversify the regions tourist products has come.
The tea estate cyclic in Mpanga estate is a new activity that has been invented to maximize the experience of Uganda safari undertakers in the area. The guests are given the mountain bikes to cycle through designated trails along the undulating hilly landscapes exploring the beauty of the estates, the alignment of the gardens and also have an opportunity of mixing with the locals as they harvest the tea.
The tea grown is processed at the local factory and a tour to this factory is part of this activity to enable you learn the process of tea production and how the tea leaves are turned into finest substance (tea leaves) which you will at time be served in any of the restaurants or lodges while on your Uganda safaris.
The tea estate cycling in Mpanga estates is an active community activity tour that would broaden your knowledge about Uganda as a destination and maximize your experience if included on the list of activities to undertake while planning your safari tour to Uganda.
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