technologyTechnology development in the tourism sector is so essential since it improves the operation of the tourism sector with in the country, this can also help in increasing the number of safari tours to the country which will help in return to improve the tourism sector with in the country.

The ministry of tourism has greatly worked hard at bringing in new technologies which will help at improving the tourism sector. the technologies which are promoted mainly are to help in easing the operations in the national parks , hotels and many other places, this will help in easing the movement of the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda hence improving the tourism sector.

The government of Uganda has however came into help in implementing all the new technologies which will help in improving the tourism industry, Even though the tour operators are constantly rejecting the new online gorilla permits which is a new technology , if it’s well operated, it will certainly yield good results for the tourists  who come for safaris in Uganda.

The tourism industry is growing at a faster rate and so it needs new technologies which will help in developing the sector with in the country. The minister also said that new technologies are good inductors to the development of the sector and this will move many tourists to come for safari visits to Uganda.

The marketing and promoting of Uganda as a tourist destination online has greatly improved the country since many people have come to know about the beauty which is found in Rwanda, Many people all over the world have come up to travel to Uganda and engage in Safari tours with in the country.

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