African golden catNaming the Wildlife of Uganda is one of the exciting thing one can do while in Uganda Safaris. This is because you can have an endless list of the various species of wild animals both the crepuscular and the nocturnal. Among the species include the beautiful African Golden Cats.

The African golden cat is one of the unique African cats found in the African Rain forest which you will love to see while on your safari visits. The cats are medium-size wild with different fur colors ranging from reddish brown to grey and their skin can be spotted or not spotted. For the spotted ones, the spot ranges from faded fan to heavy black colors.

These cats are two times the size of domesticated cats with a small rounded head, long legs, relatively short tail and big paws. They live the life of loneliness and are common nocturnal although sometimes they are seen in the day.

The cats feed on birds, giant forest hogs, small monkeys, small antelope and duiker. In Uganda the African Golden Cats are occasionally seen in Kibale National Park therefore a good opportunity while in your safaris to Uganda.


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