bamasaba Imbalu festivalThe Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has partnered with Bulambuli District – the district responsible for arranging this year’s ceremony with a purpose of making this Imbalu ceremony colorful so as to increase safaris to Uganda.

This Imbalu ceremony is a traditional Bamasaaba practice in which males undergo circumcision in the process of transiting to adulthood. This practice is mandatory among the Bamasaaba and the absconders are hunted and circumcised involuntarily. It is a very memorable event across the eastern region especially in areas occupied by the Bagisu as it involves a lot of dancing – Kadodi their famous dance and other great feasts. The event occurs every 2 years in the leap years and looks interesting to encounter on Uganda safari.

This year’s function will be held at Mutoto Grounds on 19th August 2014 in Mbale District. Fortunately, this Uganda safari offer comes at the exact momentous epoch when the Uganda Tourism Board is strengthening its efforts to develop domestic tourism with regional clusters being the core. This was cleared in the preparatory meeting between these two parties earlier on 29th -30th July where the UTB’s position was emphasized in developing Imbalu to complement other attractions in the region such as Mount Elgon, bull fighting, Agro tourism, Wanale hill, Sipi falls among others which will create a diverse encounters for those undertaking safaris in Uganda.

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