batwaBatwa community has the smallest population in Uganda. Echuya Batwa also known as Pygmies, are the most defenseless, remote, disadvantaged and endangered group of people in Uganda  which has raised concern from various organization groups and therefore attracting more safaris to Uganda.

The Batwa are believed to have come from the Ituri forest of Democratic Republic of Congo in search for game meat. The Batwa live in small huts largely made from grasses and sticks. They originally were forest inhabitants found in the great lake region of Central Africa.  As their home was turn into National Parks, the Batwa were evicted from the forest and hence leaving there beautiful trails behind. Safaris in Uganda therefore offer you the opportunity to visit this Batwa trails in Bwindi National Park.

Uganda safaris offer you an opportunity to visit the Batwa trail where you get to learn about the beautiful cultures of the Batwa. While moving along the trials, stories on how they hunt for food, build their houses among others are told and hence making visit in Uganda more exciting.

Uganda safaris also offer you safari tour to the Batwa community where you will enjoy the Bwata performing their songs and dances about their past life  and hence giving you more surprises about their unique culture.

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