batwa -safaris in ugandaThe Unique Batwa Trial in Mgahinga Gorilla Park is one of the new tourism activities that deserve to be included in the itinerary of any traveller planning to undertake gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park .The trail which was recently launched by Uganda wildlife authority in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park takes tourists through the interesting lifestyle of the Uganda’s unique Batwa local people who were the traditional inhabitants of the forest occupied by the park. The trail exposes visitors in depth the hidden history of the batwa before the year 1990s when they were forced to evacuate the forest area that was to be protected and conserved as national park
The Batwa Trail is rare from other trails in that it shows authentic culture back of the traditional inhabitants of the Mghahinga forest who mainly depended on the forest to earn living through extracting resources from the forest. Taking gorilla safaris and tours to Uganda’s destination of the Batwa community in Mgahinga enables one to explore the Batwa trail. The interesting tour is led by an experienced batwa guide who takes tourists through the lower slopes of two stunning Virunga volcanoes found in the park. The tour exposes the tourists to forest composed of rich biodiversity including the rare unique ape species of the mountain gorillas. When exploring the trail, travelers can experience the naturally endowed forest through a rare view point of the local people.
The experience comes along with different unique demonstrations on how the Batwa used to extract local herbs that were used for healing different diseases ,the batwa traditional ways of fetching water using a locally bamboo made “mugs” and also demonstrations on how the batwa used to construct huts out of grass. The highly rewarding cultural tour ends with staged, authentic cultural performance organized by the Batwa community at the gate of the Garama cave which was highly regarded as ceremonial place for the cultural leaders of the Batwa community. The memorable experience visitor’s gain from this trail is a backup to the gorilla trekking experience and it enables the tourist to enjoy more  on his or her gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
The Batwa tour takes visitors around four hours costs of maximum enjoyment and happiness due to the interesting stories, narrated to visitors by an experienced local guide. The wonderful experience which comes at cost of  $80 per person makes tourists not to complain but appreciating that Uganda is the pearl of Africa.
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