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mounatain gorillasThe mountain gorillas are the major tourist attractions in Uganda and have promoted more gorilla safaris in Uganda. This has therefore increased more revenues in the country since  tourists come for Uganda gorilla trekking  tours and pay and then the government gets the money from the tourism sector inform of revenue hence developing Uganda.

The rare mountain gorillas are found in Mgahinga and Bwindi in Uganda, Rwanda Volcanoes and DRC Virungas. These have therefore promoted more gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda since the tourists desire to see these rare gorillas. This has therefore made Uganda a tourist destination since there are more safari tours in Uganda.

The revenues collected from the gorilla visits helps to construct more infrastructures like roads, hotels, lodges, hospitals in Uganda so as to provide better facilities for the tourists who come to safari Uganda. This has therefore made Uganda a better place for the travelers to stay in as they come for their Uganda tours.

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