tree climbing lions in IshashaUganda safaris offer tourists the best safaris in the all of Africa Continent to enrich tourists’ experiences.

Gorilla tracking safari is one of the must do safaris in Uganda. The endangered species are one biggest species of Apes found only in three countries in the world and Uganda accommodates the largest percentage in her two national parks. Bwindi National Park is the Best Place to Track down the Family of gorillas. The tracking experience is challenging with a lot of excitement as you come across other primates like monkeys while also spotting different bird species.

Tracking down gorilla in Mgahinga National Park also gives the chance of seeing the golden monkeys, and enjoying the scenery beauty while you hike on the mountains.

Trekking down to Kibale National Park also gives you the best Safaris to engage in. Chimpanzee tracking safari is one of the exciting safaris that you will not want to miss. Come and track the human-like animal in this forest and have a chance to see the closest living relative of human being that has not evolved.

 Safari the national parks of Uganda and enjoy the view of the wild games. Game drive is one of the best activities that will offer you the advantage of seeing the wild games in their Natural habitats. Visiting the Savannah National Parks of Murchison falls and Kidepo is the better option to view the multiple games. Enrich your experience while on your safari visit by seeing the Pride of lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, spotted hyenas, herd of buffalos, giraffes among other.


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