Uganelephants in ugandada has got good months for game viewing and this is mainly in dry seasons, for example; June to August and also December to February. during these months, gorilla trekking safaris and chimpanzee tracking in the forests contributes much on the safaris to Uganda. During this period, there is a lot of rainfall and sun shine at the same time.

The conducive climate and weather to the tourists who come to safari Uganda has helped in increasing the revenues to the tourism sector since most of the visitors travel to Uganda during June to August and December to February.

The high season in Uganda is usually from June to August and this is means over crowding, therefore the clients will need to book the gorilla permits  in advance .this is because they are so important for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

During the low season, March, April, may, October, November, the lodges and the camps in rain fall areas close down due to poor weather, the roads and forest trails are also in poor conditions. This is usually not a conducive season for safaris to Uganda.

However, the best weather to safari Uganda is during June to July and also in January to February, this is because there is little rain falls in all the tourist attractions especially the national parks. The worst weather is in March, may, April because for the too much rain fall and this means that they are not good months for traveling to Uganda.

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