Canopy-Walk-rwandaThe Rwanda safari destination of Nyungwe Forest National Park in the south west of Rwanda is filled with a myriad of wonders. One would wonder about the diverse natural gifts that have been bestowed on this prehistoric forest ecosystem.
The famous canopy walk in the Nyungwe forest park is at the moment considered the first of its stature in the region of East Africa and the third of its kind on the continent of Africa prompting a range of world travelers to plan safaris to Rwanda to be part of this exciting adventure encounter.
Raising to 40m above the deep forested valley and extending to 90m in length on top of a lush forest canopy, Nyungwe canopy walkway is a remarkable man made wonder that has been imbedded in the natural ecosystem to blend in a indistinguishable appearance making it relevant to nature and yet allowing the travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours enjoy it as an adventure thrill.
The canopy walk is done in the morning and in the afternoon and commences at Uwinka Visitor center in the Nyungwe Forest itself. The activity can be incorporated in the chimpanzee trekking safari in Rwanda or done after tracking colobus monkeys in the morning. The walk way gives any undertaker a vantage point for clear view of the forest and the encounter with the wildlife species that thrice on the canopy top including monkeys and remarkable flora that define this prehistoric forest which is the largest mountain forest in the region of East Africa. After the walk, the traveler can connect the following day to Volcanoes National Park in the country’s North West if he / she on a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda.
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