Relvilla maria churchigious tourism in Uganda had not yet taken off as in other country, this is because the government has not come up to invest in this, and this has affected Uganda safaris since many tourists who would want to travel to Uganda are discouraged since this type of tourism has not been developed fully.

There are many religious sites in Uganda and these have greatly attracted many tourists who have for safaris to Uganda, these include; Namugongo shrines which is mainly used in celebrating the death of the Uganda martyrs who were killed by the Buganda king, this site has contributed high revenues to the tourism industry since many people who come for the celebrations end up engaging in other tourist activities.

The church of Villa Maria is a good site for attracting tourists to come for safaris in Uganda; this is because it has got historical theories which are loved by religious tourists who travel to Uganda. This will help in developing religious tourism with in the country.

Uganda has got many religious sites and these include; lubaga cathedral, which is for the Catholics, Namirembe church is for the Anglicans, the Bahia temple, the Gadhafi mosque and many others, these have greatly attracted many tourists to safari Uganda hence helping in developing the tourism sector.

The church of Villa Maria is loved by the catholic community since they gather together for the remembrance of mother Mary and the catholic church as well, this has helped in strengthening the faith of the people of the church and it’s the main reason why the church was turned into a tourist attraction which has helped in expanding the tourism sector. 

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