uganda tourThe Chwezi are heroic people who occupied the great lakes region during the prehistoric era. The Chwezi were light skinned people believed to have possessed supernatural powers. They were primarily cattle keepers and are known for the possessing of long horned cattle – currently seen on Uganda safari among the Bahima of Ankole, though they practiced other activities like hunting, iron smelting and coffee growing. They were very powerful people who extended their dynasty to include the great expanse of Uganda, northern Tanzania Rwanda and Eastern Congo. The Bachwezi settled in different areas leaving a lot of heritage and landmarks that still exist up to today thus can be encountered while on safari in Uganda. Sites like Bigo bya Mugyenyi in Ssembabule district- their re-known fort built for protection, the underground tunnels that they used for their safaris to different areas are still existing such as Oburiza Ngumba bw’ Kyabagyenyi, the great Rwoma rock which they joined together with a piece of iron after it had split still exist in Kabula, Lyantonde district symbolizing their highest degree of iron work. The historical landmarks that were created out of their powers like the Mugore rocks also still exist and can be visited on Uganda safari. This among other Chwezi heritage is still undisclosed to many of the contemporary Uganda safari undertakers and yet it quite rewarding once encountered on their safari visit thus this can be considered as a niche and suitable for those seeking authentic Uganda safari experiences. Additionally, the Chwezi heritage tours can be incorporated in your Uganda wildlife safaris .

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